What is the latest laser technology?

Laser resurfacing results can last for 10 years with a good skin care regimen. ActiveFX: ActiveFX is a procedure that combines the laser for resurfacing with fractional coverage. Fractional coverage means that only a fraction of the surface of our skin is actually treated by the laser. By leaving small “bridges” of untouched skin, you heal much quicker and you can get back to your busy lifestyle sooner. The greatest benefit to the ActiveFX is noticeable results with little downtime. Typically a 30% wrinkle reduction is witnessed but with a series of three Active FX treatments performed three months apart a 50% wrinkle reduction will be noticed. Combination Laser: A combination laser, pioneered by Dr. Fezza, is a customized laser treatment tailored to an individual’s skin, which combines the benefits of heavy CO² laser and the added benefit the Active FX laser provides, little downtime.

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