What are the advantages of All-Laser LASIK or Blade-Free LASIK?

Improved Safety: Eliminates the most severe microkeratome-related complications, including invasive corneal incisions and button-hole flaps.

Better Vision: Patients achieve statistically better vision when IntraLase is used in the LASIK procedure in comparison with the microkeratome. More patients achieved 20/20 vision, and those with a preference preferred the post-operative vision of their IntraLase treated eye 3-to-1.

Highest Degree of Predictability and Precision: Micron-level precision creates significantly more predictable and accurate flap dimensions, including most critically, reproducible flap thickness, within +/- 10 microns, whereas variability with microkeratomes has been reported up to +/- 40 microns. This increased precision preserves valuable corneal tissue and improves the predictability of the LASIK treatment.

Fewer Re-Treatments: The number of LASIK re-treatments (or enhancements) is significantly lower for laser-created corneal flaps, avoiding the patient inconvenience of subsequent surgeries and the increased surgeon costs entailed with re-operations.

Reduced Dry Eye Symptoms: In several clinical studies, standard tests performed to diagnose dry eye show a significant reduction in symptoms, the largest of which shows patient symptoms were reduced by 72 percent.

Individualized Flaps: The laser flap can be tailored to the individual patient’s needs, allowing physicians to individualize all steps in the LASIK procedure: custom diagnosis with wavefront, personalized flap creation with IntraLase and custom laser treatment with custom ablation.

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