Are there any side effects?

Generally there will be some swelling of the treated area. While eyebrows may show little after-effect, eyeliner and lips may show more and the edema may last from 2 – 72 hours. During the procedure, there may be some bleeding or bruising. There is usually some tenderness for a few days. The color is much…

Do the pigments used pose any allergy problems?

You can develop an allergy to anything at anytime. However, documented allergies to permanent cosmetic procedures are extremely rare. There have been very few reactions to pigments and only rarely in the case of blue-based red pigments.

Is it safe?

Permanent cosmetics are completely safe as long as proper sterilization and sanitation guidelines are met.

What if I don’t like it?

Although the procedures are considered permanent, you have the flexibility to change the color and/or shape, to some extent. Colors will appear darker immediately following the procedure but will soften and lighten during the healing process. The healing time is different for each individual and procedure.

Is it painful?

Because of the delicate area, some discomfort may be experienced. The use of topical anesthetics combined with a relaxing atmosphere help to lessen any discomfort.