What are risk factors for tears or detachments?

Anyone can have a tear or detachment but there are factors for those most at risk, which include family history of vitreo-retinal problems, age, cardiovascular disease or diabetes, nearsightedness, previous eye surgery or trauma to the eye.>

What is Refractive Lens Exchange or (RLE)?

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) corrects nearsightedness and farsightedness using an intraocular lens implant. RLE is often the procedure of choice for patients who are too nearsighted, too farsighted or have corneas that are too thin for laser vision correction. It is also an excellent alternative for those over the age of 40 and for those…

Am I a good candidate for LASIK?

Laser surgery is used to treat a wide range of nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness. In most cases, even patients with severe degrees of nearsightedness, astigmatism and farsightedness can be treated. Good candidates have realistic expectations.