Will the procedure hurt?

The LASIK procedure causes little or no discomfort and no needles are used. Instead, Dr. Lahners uses anesthetic drops to numb the eye just before surgery begins. After a LASIK procedure, the patient may feel a slight gritty sensation for a few hours, but should be quite comfortable after taking a short nap. Dr. Lahners…

What should I expect post-operatively?

Don't be alarmed at the presence of bruising and swelling. The swelling will begin to disappear within the first seven days. Many patients return to work with the help of camouflaging cosmetics at about five days post-operative.

How much pain can I expect after a facelift?

Patients experience minimal discomfort, which usually clears up within a day; however many patients do not feel much pain following surgery. If there is any pain or discomfort, the patient can be comforted with oral medication.