Can diabetic retinopathy be treated?

Yes. Many of the problems caused by diabetic retinopathy such as swelling of the retina, bleeding in vitreous and scar tissue can be treated with modern techniques such as injections, laser or surgery. The earlier problems are found the easier they are to treat before vision loss becomes irreversible. Early and periodic dilated eye exams…

What are the advantages of LASIK surgery?

* no risk of blade-related complications * faster visual recovery * less discomfort after surgery * less risk of corneal haze or scarring * less need for prolonged use of anti-inflammatory eye drops * better quality vision * better for patients with dry eyes

What does all laser, blade free LASIK mean?

Dr. Lahners performs LASIK with the IntraLase and ALLEGRETTO Wave lasers. The IntraLase laser creates the flap without using a blade and the Allegretto Wave laser uses wavefront guided technology to reshape the cornea.