How much do hearing aids cost?

We do not use promotional pricing, misleading advertising or sell outdated technology or discontinued models which can make the process of selecting a hearing aid confusing. You can be assured of being prescribed the correct hearing instruments at an excellent price.

Aren’t hearing aids unsightly and uncomfortable?

As we have stated before, every case of hearing loss is different, and the most appropriate hearing instruments for any particular patient depend on the extent of the loss, the activity level of the patient, and the performance demands on the instruments themselves.

If I have hearing loss, will I need hearing aids?

Every case of hearing loss is different. For approximately 90% of all cases, hearing instruments of some kind are the only treatment option because the problem is not medically or surgically correctable or reversible. In some cases, further consultation by a specialist in ENT/Otology is appropriate, and your hearing specialist will discuss this with you…