What about ingrown hairs?

Most people experience some, since as a new hair grows in it may become trapped under the surface of the skin causing slight irritation. Exfoliating regularly helps. To remove ingrown hairs, rub ice over irritated areas to draw hair to the surface of the skin, and then gently remove with disinfectant.

How are chemical peels performed?

Sometimes, this level of peel is called “exfoliation.” Light peels injure the entire epidermis and stimulate the regeneration of a new epidermis and may produce a burning sensation during the procedure. Medium depth peels involve injury to the upper level of the dermis to stimulate the formation of collagen and “plump” up the skin. 35%…

What is microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is an effective, non-surgical way to get rid of acne scars, fine wrinkles and sunspots by exfoliating the top layers of the skin. Microdermabrasion also stimulates collagen production, helping your skin rejuvenate faster than normal.