What are advanced lenses?

Advanced lenses represent the best implant technology in the world and have produced some of our happiest patients. If you have cataracts or are experiencing the onset of presbyopia, an advanced lens offers you a choice to experience your favorite lifestyle activities with less dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

What is the Crystalens?

Bausch & Lomb's Crystalens HD is the only FDA approved accommodating intraocular lens which provides enhanced depth of focus. This lens is designed to improve near vision without compromising intermediate and distance vision.

What are the benefits of advanced lenses?

These multi-focal or accommodating IOLs, combined with treatment for astigmatism, will give you the best chance to reduce your dependence on eyeglasses. Imagine your life reading to your grandchildren, playing cards with your friends and enjoying all your favorite activities like golfing, swimming, sewing and tennis without the nuisance of glasses.

Who is the ideal candidate for an advanced lens?

Although advanced lenses were initially approved for cataract patients with or without presbyopia, cataracts are not necessary to qualify foto receive advanced lenses. You simply need a desire see at a range of distances without corrective eyewear. The best candidate for advanced lenses is an individual who is 50 or older and who is dependent on glasses…

Are sunglasses good for my eyes?

Clear lenses with UV protection may offer greater protection than dark lenses because they allow the eyes to be exposed to more light. This causes greater constriction of the pupil which lets less light enter the eyes. However, someone with extreme light sensitivity should protect their eyes with polarized lenses.

What is the difference between LASIK and Cataract Surgery?

The difference between LASIK and cataract surgery is that LASIK is a laser beam that treats the surface of the cornea. Cataract surgery requires a tiny incision in the eye to remove the cataract and implant your new lens. For patients with cataracts who wish to experience greater freedom from eyeglasses, we offer Laser Cataract Surgery. The…

Do I need to fast prior to surgery?

Sometimes it’s nothing to eat or drink after midnight and sometimes it’s two hours before surgery. That’s something we’ll decide when you’re here for your cataract surgery evaluation. Not to worry, though, we’ll have a hot or cold beverage and a snack waiting for you after surgery.