What is accommodation?

Accommodation disorders have a variety of causes. Symptoms include blurred vision, double vision, eye strain, headache, fatigue and difficulty concentrating (particularly while reading). Presbyopia is an accommodation disorder that affects everyone if they become old enough, since its causes relate to the aging of the eyes.>

What are Amblyopia or lazy eye signs and symptoms?

Another clue that your child may have amblyopia is if he or she cries or fusses when you cover one eye. This may suggest that the eye you have covered is the good eye, and that the uncovered eye is amblyopic, causing blurred vision.>

What are symptoms of a macula pucker?

Macula Pucker symptoms include blurred central vision, distorted or “wavy” vision, difficulty reading or performing tasks that require detail vision, and gray or cloudy in the central vision.

What is Presbyopia?

It’s inevitable. It comes with blowing out candles on the birthday cake or, you know, the need for longer arms to read that newspaper article. This typically happens around the age of 40-45. We need glasses to read!!! Here’s why ... The eye's natural lens ages right along with us. Our lens accommodates (which means…