Are there special tests to diagnose macular degeneration?

Amsler Grid Test: this test checks for blind spots, loss of sight and distortion. Color Testing: this can help determine the status of your cone cells which are the cells located in the macula and are the retinal cells that interpret color. Fluorescein Angiogram Test: a dye is injected in the vein of your arm…

What are the two main forms of macular degeneration?

Sometimes abnormal substances called drusen can accumulate under the macula in dry form of macular degeneration and can cause distortion and blind spots. Wet macular degeneration has abnormal blood vessel growth under the macula which can cause swelling and or bleeding. The vision loss with the wet form of macular degeneration is usually more rapid…

What is diabetic retinopathy?

Diabetic retinopathy is a complication of diabetes that weakens the blood vessels that supply nourishment to the retina. When the weak vessels leak, swell or develop thin branches, vision loss can occur. In its advanced stages, the disease can cause blurred or cloudy vision, floaters and blind spots and eventually, blindness.