What is Epi-LASEK?

The main advantage of Epi-LASEK is its simplicity. The results are identical to LASIK except that the healing time is an extra few days.>

What is the Allegretto Wave Laser?

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE laser is used to treat the central and peripheral area of the cornea. It uses a proprietary system to adjust to the aspheric shape of the cornea and to reshape the cornea based on the front, or prolate curve. This is the main reason for the excellent quality of both day and…

Why Center For Sight?

Center For Sight is the exclusive provider of all-laser LASIK in Southwest Florida. We have been using this technology since 2005 and Dr. Lahners has more experience with all-laser LASIK than anyone on the entire west coast of Florida. Dr. Lahners performs more LASIK yearly than all other providers in our area combined.