Who is Dr. Lahners?

During his medical education, he was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society, was one of only six students to complete the four-year honors research program, and was awarded the Luis Perez Award for excellence by the Department of Ophthalmology. He continued his education with a combined internship in Medicine and Surgery at…

What are implantable contact lenses?

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL-also known as Visian lenses) may be appropriate for people who have very large corrective errors or are otherwise not good laser vision correction candidates. During a brief, painless procedure, a prescription lens resembling a soft contact lens is inserted in the natural space between the iris (the colored part of the…

What is Epi-LASEK?

The main advantage of Epi-LASEK is its simplicity. The results are identical to LASIK except that the healing time is an extra few days.>

What is the Allegretto Wave Laser?

The ALLEGRETTO WAVE laser is used to treat the central and peripheral area of the cornea. It uses a proprietary system to adjust to the aspheric shape of the cornea and to reshape the cornea based on the front, or prolate curve. This is the main reason for the excellent quality of both day and…

Why Center For Sight?

Center For Sight is the exclusive provider of all-laser LASIK in Southwest Florida. We have been using this technology since 2005 and Dr. Lahners has more experience with all-laser LASIK than anyone on the entire west coast of Florida. Dr. Lahners performs more LASIK yearly than all other providers in our area combined.

Is it expensive?

Patients have clear, natural vision with reduced (or eliminated) dependence on glasses and contact lenses. While some medical plans may cover the cost, most still consider this an elective treatment and therefore do not pay for the procedure. Center For Sight offers many financial options and payment plans, or you can utilize your medical spending…

How well will I see after the LASIK procedure?

Some patients may experience small vision changes during the first several months, which is a normal occurrence as the cornea reaches its stable state. Based on recent studies, some patients who undergo all-laser LASIK using wavefront-guided technology will see better than they could in glasses or contact lenses.