Why does my eye doctor have a hearing program?

Vision and hearing function inseparably together every minute of every day. These two senses together create your 3-dimensional awareness of your environment. Neither works particularly well without the other, and unfortunately, both tend to fail as the years go by. Leading eye groups across the United States now evaluate and treat vision and hearing problems…

How do I schedule an exam?

We now routinely screen for indications of hearing loss in all of our patients; however, you can call and schedule a comprehensive hearing evaluation by calling our office and scheduling an exam at anytime. A comprehensive hearing evaluation is included as part of the total package of care that we provide at no additional cost.

How much do hearing aids cost?

We do not use promotional pricing, misleading advertising or sell outdated technology or discontinued models which can make the process of selecting a hearing aid confusing. You can be assured of being prescribed the correct hearing instruments at an excellent price.

Can’t I just get by without hearing aids?

Miscommunication is noticeable to others and can lead to negative changes in your personality. Many people with untreated hearing loss gradually withdraw from activities they enjoy, leading to isolation and depression, and may demonstrate anger management problems and other more complicated psychosocial changes.

Aren’t hearing aids unsightly and uncomfortable?

As we have stated before, every case of hearing loss is different, and the most appropriate hearing instruments for any particular patient depend on the extent of the loss, the activity level of the patient, and the performance demands on the instruments themselves.

What should I expect during a hearing evaluation?

 In addition, your hearing specialist will obtain a detailed history of your experience (if any) with classic symptoms of hearing loss and any sudden or unusual progression that would indicate the need for evaluation by a specialist in otology. Test results, recommendations and treatment options will be reviewed with you in detail.

If I have hearing loss, will I need hearing aids?

Every case of hearing loss is different. For approximately 90% of all cases, hearing instruments of some kind are the only treatment option because the problem is not medically or surgically correctable or reversible. In some cases, further consultation by a specialist in ENT/Otology is appropriate, and your hearing specialist will discuss this with you…