During our consultation, Dr. Fezza discussed my options and answered all my questions in an informed, comfortable, confident way. I never felt rushed. More importantly, he asked specifically what I wanted from the procedure. Then he looked at my face. As he studied my face, I had the sense he was looking not at me, but at a portrait of me he had started to paint and was looking at ways to refine it. At that moment, as a lover of art with an understanding of light, shadows and balance, I knew that I wanted to have the surgery and I wanted Dr. Fezza to be the surgeon.

From that moment on, his incredible team took over. Because of their positive attitude and the warm professionalism of everyone on his team, I never felt any anxiety. When I think about my surgical experience, a few key words come to mind: Thoughtful. Warm. Human. That says it all. Almost five weeks later, the results are great – amazing, really. I still look like me, still look natural, my face is smooth without looking “done”, and the jowls that bothered me – gone! I put my trust in the right surgeon.

Barbara H.

He told me, you will look very natural, like you just went on a vacation. I just felt that Dr. Fezza understood. I was a little anxious, but I was more excited because I was well-prepared and I really wanted it done. It was wonderful; I feel pretty again!

Florence R.

I first came to Dr. Fezza for Botox treatments on my forehead and around the eyes. Then I decided to have the mini face lift and upper eyelids done to eliminate my jowls and droopiness.

I knew I wanted plastic surgery and had several consultations with other area doctors and I just didn’t feel comfortable. I am very comfortable with Dr. Fezza’s professional advice and conservative approach. He really listens to what you want and then gives his best recommendation on how to accomplish that look.

Besides being a great surgeon, Dr. Fezza has an artistic eye and a real talent for producing natural looking results, with which I am extremely pleased. I recommend to anyone who has ever considered cosmetic surgery to visit
Dr. Fezza and his staff, I know you will be as impressed with their skill level and eye for perfection as I was.

I will be a patient for life!

Andrea K.

I was always startled when I looked in the mirror. I’d think, “That’s not me!” The reality was that yes, it was me – it was simply not the vision of myself I had in my mind. When I first met Dr. Fezza, he had a calm and confident demeanor. I told him what I didn’t like and he shared what he could do, while also informing me of what I didn’t need. He knew exactly how to give me the results I desired and clearly communicated that to me. I knew what to expect and I trusted him, instantly. That’s when I decided I was going to put my face in his hands.

The surgery itself wasn’t scary. I was comfortable and recovered remarkably quickly. I had the surgery at the beginning of January and was back in my office in three weeks. Many friends, family and co-workers told me I looked fantastic, but they couldn’t guess what I had done!

Dr. Fezza knows what he’s doing. He has obviously worked with a lot of different faces; he understands the natural contour and structure of the face. He’s not going to steer you wrong. I tell my friends, don’t even shop, just go straight to him. When I look in the mirror today I think, “Now this is how I remember myself,” and I couldn’t be happier.

Patrice O.